India’s Govt. Issues Bombay Metrics One Star Exporting Award


India’s Govt. Issues Bombay Metrics One Star Exporting Award

India’s Govt. Issues Bombay Metrics One Star Exporting Award

In 2014, the Government of India under the prime minister, Mr. Narendra Modi launched a major initiative “Make in India” to encourage companies to manufacture in India and incentivize dedicated investments into manufacturing. The policy approach was to create a conducive environment for investments, develop a modern and efficient infrastructure, and open up new sectors for foreign capital.

Bombay Metrics Supply Chain Private Limited was formed in 2015 to help support Indian manufacturers export their goods outside India. Bombay Metrics now exports its products for lighting, industrial, and agriculture industries to Mexico and the US. They will be exporting to the European market in 2021 with a larger vision to expand in new markets and industries.

We are proud of having received the One Star Export Award. Award is based on 3 years of growth in exports and evidence of having systems to ensure proper governmental filings, including CGST, SGST, UTGST, IGST, and various filings for duties and registrations various dry and wet ports in India.

We are proud of the work done by our dedicated team in Coimbatore and Mumbai. We hope this is merely a start to our long journey ahead to help India be a vital exporter of industrial items to global markets.


Manufacturing productivity. The state of Maharashtra together with Gujarat are strong manufacturing states that account for 34% of India’s manufacturing gross output.

Commercial & financial centrality. Maharashtra ranks #2 in number of factories and people employed and is among the leader states in labor productivity. Mumbai is the economic hub and commercial and financial center of India.

Aggressive manufacturing development. The recent development of the production of metals, chemicals, automobiles, and electronics triggered the increase of specialized companies. More and more efficient and technologically advanced methods are improving production processes and output, along with the quality of the products.

Logistically, Mumbai is well-connected to the rest of India. It is the railhead for the Western and Central railways while the airport handles three-fifths of India’s international flights and nearly two-fifths of its domestic flights. The facilities provided by the city’s harbor make Mumbai India’s principal western port handling a significant portion of India’s maritime trade.